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    Fighting Shortage of Talent Through Optimized Work Culture


    Many industries are facing a shortage of skilled workers these days, especially those that focus on employing “top talent” the most. In particular, the hospitality industry has been hit relatively hard – the pandemic has led to a talent shortage that most business owners and managers never saw coming.

    While the flow of international talent is stagnating due to the lockdown, good people are harder to come by these days. Running a business required having talented staff to back up your vision, or else you’re going to be risking it all by employing “lackluster” workers.

    Times Are Changing

    It used to be that business owners had all of the power in the world, but now that talented workers understand their worth, they can shop around for a better gig. Employees are using their working power to vote in a sense because no good business will thrive without a proper team handling projects.

    Workplace culture is something that we’ve noticed employees talking about increasingly, and that’s why this article felt so perfectly timed. Creating a reliable work culture that has your employees excited about coming in daily is not only ideal but critical to the success of your company as a whole.

    How Can You Develop a Better Work Culture?

    Strong work cultures are often developed over time, but it’s never too late to start. Employees tend to thrive much more when the work culture that surrounds them promotes greatness, and it’s especially important in times like these (where reliable employees are tougher to come by).

    We’re going to take a look at a few different ways you can create a stronger work culture for your business, as well as how it’s going to help in the long run.

    Give them an onboarding experience they’ll never forget!

    The first time you interact with someone can be important, and that means building the work culture for your company can start from the very first interview. The onboarding process is essential to help employees understand what your work culture is all about!

    If you’re set on them bringing in paperwork and doing a bunch of things before they’ve been officially hired, you can expect some pushback from potential employees. It’s always ideal to set up your candidates for success by offering a digital onboarding process alongside a thoroughly planned out training plan.

    Welcome them into your company with open arms and broad horizons! There are plenty of online onboarding tools you can use to streamline this process, and most major companies have already converted to this digital technique themselves.

    Develop a reasonable work-life balance for the entire team

    The entire team should have enough personal time in their lives to enjoy something other than work. Work is going to take up a majority of most lives, regardless of where you live – any company that provides their employees with an opportunity to relax and recover will always benefit in the long run.

    Rostering Tools

    Rostering tools are ideal for figuring out the best possible shift combinations, as well as getting a feel for how employees feel about their shift options. Most of these tools will offer advanced data, feedback, and other features that make scheduling employees with a proper work-life balance in mind simple.

    You can even manage your roster on the go with these tools! Flexibility is always going to go over well with your employees since at the end of the day, everybody has personal hobbies that they’d likely much rather be doing.

    Remain transparent whenever possible

    Transparency is one of those things that you don’t find often in the world of business, but when you do, it’s always a fight to hold on for dear life! Companies that operate with transparency keep top talent for a reason, and that’s because they understand the goals at hand. You could also implement the likes of team feedback tools to ensure that your employees are happy, and if they have something to say, you can address it without the need for an individual meeting (right away, at least).

    Asking people how they feel about their current work culture will allow you not only to know what needs to be changed but apply those changes as well. Many managers claim that they know what employees are going through and how they’re going to fix it, only to never implement a solution.

    When you promise employees something, always follow through! Action is important for any management style, and remaining transparent will allow you to act without any ill-intent or hidden agenda.

    Let your employees work freely (within reason!)

    Now that you’ve built a decent work culture and the employees understand the companies goals, you can let them run wild and get some work done. The race for maintaining top talent is ridiculous at this point, and you’ve got to do everything you can to ensure they’re willing to dedicate their skills to your brand.

    You aren’t going to grow without hiring reliable employees and allowing them to do their job. While some people like to micromanage, if you’ve done a thorough job throughout the hiring process there should be no need. You’ll only hire competent workers who want to help your company achieve success, and will lend their talents to do so.

    Build a Stronger Work Culture Today

    Now that you’ve read through the article and seen some of the tips, I feel like you can apply them to your ideas and figure out what truly makes top talent want to stick around. Although it’s always going to be about personal preference and the industry you operate in, work culture is a foolproof way to go about letting the best candidates possible know that you’re a high-level potential employer (a fancy way of saying “a great boss!”).

    Flexible schedules, proper compensation, and work-life balance are almost always a given at the most reputable companies in the world. When you want to compete with them, do as they do and improve your work culture.

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