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    Protecting Your Employees: A Managers Most Important Asset


    Retaining your top employees should be a priority for any manager, regardless of the industry you operate in. High-quality staff will always translate into more profits, higher productivity, and just a better business all-around. There is a significant difference between a worker that lazily goes about their duties and one who takes initiative in the workplace.

    Protecting your most important employees will always be important, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about the rest of your team. Playing favourites isn’t going to get you anywhere, but treating everybody with respect (and keeping them protected) will always work well in your favour!

    Tips to Help Keep Your Staff Ready (and Willing) to Work

    Prevent worker burnout by setting boundaries

    Some of your best employees won’t know when to stop themselves and will work endlessly until you tell them it’s okay to take a break. This is how many managers find out who’s willing to take on more responsibility within the team, but there are times where this can backfire on them as well.

    You’ll want to set boundaries and stop people from potentially burning themselves out by taking on too much work. Even if they mean well and are great workers, you don’t want them to take on too many projects at once and put the team at risk of missing a deadline!

    Offer a transparent schedule and accurate timesheets

    Timesheets and scheduling issues are something that comes up quite often, and time is money at the end of the day. Most companies have transferred over to the likes of automated scheduling software so that every potential outcome is accounted for, and there are even programs out there that can help with timesheets as well.

    View any significant changes to your staff schedule/timesheets and make sure that they are being properly compensated for overtime or any sort of extra hours. Employees will clock in with faith when you’ve got the likes of your scheduling and timesheets being handled by reputable software.

    Celebrate the small victories

    Even the little victories deserve some love! As a manager, you’ve got to be willing to slow down and celebrate whenever you can. Employees need to feel rewarded at work, especially if they’re doing a fantastic job and making your business better in the process. Ensure that they are given fair wages, proper hours, and potentially even performance benefits whenever the situation calls for it.

    Some managers become obsessed with productivity and results, only to forget that they’ve got to celebrate the successes that their team has along the way. Bring in a box of donuts for your team members every once in a while, and you’ll be surprised as to how well-received a sugary circle can be before 7 AM!

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