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    The Best Reason To Use a Biometric Time Clock


    Did you know the first known recorded timeclock is over 3,200 years old? On Feb 15, 2022, scientists found a 3,200-Year-Old Egyptian tablet providing evidence that ancient Egyptians recorded attendance and absences from work. The timeclock was called an ostracon.

    An ostracon is a tablet made of limestone with a New Egyptian hieratic script inked across its surface. The days are marked by season and number, such as “month 4th Winter day 24”. Ostracon was used to record days worked and days absent from work in ancient Egypt. Examples of Egyptian employees recording an absence might include injury, illnesses, or funeral arrangements for relatives who had passed away.

    Other reasons for missing work included embalming relatives to brewing beer.

    A lot has changed since the days of recording work attendance on limestone. The technology continues to evolve from hand-written to manual and digital-punch clocks and today the most recent innovation is biometric time blocks.

    What is a biometric time clock?

    A biometric time clock is a device that uses unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, to identify employees as they clock in and out. The process eliminates the need for time cards or other methods of tracking employee hours.

    So it’s a fingerprint time clock?

    A fingerprint time clock is not the only biometric data that can be used. Other common examples of biometrics include facial recognition and retina scans to add an extra level of security. Scores of companies use these kinds of time clocks because they offer convenience and safety for both employees and employers.

    Why should I include biometric time clock systems?

    Accurate Time Tracking

    A biometric time clock is more accurate than tracking employee hours, such as time cards. Biometrics ensures that employees are accurately paid for the hours they work.

    Increased Security

    A biometric time clock provides an added layer of security for your business. The physical characteristics required to clock in and out cannot be lost, stolen, or duplicated.

    Employee Accountability

    Accurate time tracking provides employees with accountability. Biometrics can increase employee efficiency and reduce wasted time such as slacking off or going home early.

    Buddy Punching

    While we want to assume most of our workers are honest, buddy punching is a known issue. Buddy punching can be a problem with traditional time cards, as someone could punch in for a friend, and the friend would then be held accountable for that time. With a biometric time clock, buddy punching is not possible as each employee must scan their fingerprint to clock in or out. Biometrics eliminates the possibility of fraudulent activity.


    One of the most significant advantages of a biometric time clock is convenience. There is no need to remember a PIN or swipe a card; employees scan their fingerprints and are good to go. This eliminates the chance of human error, such as employees punching in the wrong person’s name.


    A biometric time clock is also incredibly efficient. There is no need to worry about time cards being lost or misplaced; all employee hours are stored securely within the device. This also eliminates the need for manual calculations, which can often be inaccuracies. Further, employees can easily access their hours online, making it easy to track their progress and see where they need to improve.

    Reduce Costs with biometric time clocks

    You can potentially reduce payroll costs by switching from a time card system to a biometric time clock. This is because some employees forget to hand in their time cards regularly, which results in inaccurate records of the hours worked. A biometric clock eliminates this problem because there’s no need for a physical time card.

    Employee Satisfaction

    Biometric time clocks can increase employee satisfaction by eliminating the need to carry around a physical time card. Instead of tracking their hours with paper cards or an outdated punch clock, employees use biometric time clocks. The technology is user-friendly and requires no training for proper setup. Plus, they won’t need to leave their workstations and interrupt workflow.

    Is a biometric time clock expensive?

    Biometric time clocks are cheaper than traditional solutions once you factor in the benefits above.

    How can I implement biometric time clock systems?

    Contact us today at TimeWellScheduled, and we will provide free consultation on how to help your business switch over to biometric time clock systems.

    Will a biometric time clock system integrate with my business?

    Yes! A biometric time clock system will integrate into any system, and with TimeWellScheduled, we make the whole process easy and understandable.

    Could biometric employee time clocks work with my current payroll provider?

    You would need to contact your current payroll provider to know if a biometric fingerprint time clock would integrate correctly. You could always consider TimeWellScheduled, and we provide time and attendance software that integrates with biometric employee clocks and biometric systems.

    I don’t use time and attendance software, should I?

    TimeWellScheduled has free plans for ten employees or less. It will cost your business nothing to realize the time and administration benefits of using a time and attendance system.

    What are some alternatives to using a biometric time clock?

    The two most common alternatives are traditional mechanical clocks or electronic time cards. Mechanical clocks, however, have numerous issues. These include regular maintenance, repairs, and easy targets for theft or vandalism. Electronic time cards can help keep track of hours worked but don’t offer the same benefits as a biometric device.

    Where can I purchase a biometric time clock?

    Whether you need a single biometric time clock or multiple clocks, we can help! TimeWellScheduled has hundreds of options for you to choose from and will guide you through the process of selecting the best one for your business.

    TimeWellScheduled time and attendance software make it easy for you.

    Time & Attendance tracking

    If you’re looking for a tool to help you track employee attendance, TimeWellScheduled is the perfect solution. With TimeWellScheduled, you can easily manage employee schedules and track their attendance. You can also use TimeWellScheduled to generate reports on employee time and attendance. This information can help you make informed decisions about your workforce and ensure that your employees are productive.


    Scheduling is an essential part of managing a team. With TimeWellScheduled, you can easily create and manage schedules for your employees.

    Time Cards

    Employees can use time cards to track their hours worked. Conversely, businesses can use time cards to track and generate behavioral reports on employee time and attendance.

    Punch Clocks

    Punch clocks are a great way to keep track of employee attendance. You can easily see who’s clocked in and not with a punch clock. You can also use a swipe card, code, or facial recognition to make it easy for employees to punch in and out.


    Payroll can be a daunting task. However, it’s essential to ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time. TimeWellScheduled makes it easy to manage payroll with its automated software system. With TimeWellScheduled, you can access essential data in just a few clicks.


    With TimeWellScheduled, you can get instant alerts via email or SMS when a time punch is late someone has missed their shift. This allows you to quickly address any potential problems and keep your workplace running smoothly.

    Employee Portal

    TimeWellScheduled features a customized employee portal that allows employees to check their schedules, track messages, and request time off. What’s more, you can keep track of each employee’s specific employment information, notes, and more.

    Work From Home Solutions

    With the ability to work from home comes the need to track employee hours worked. TimeWellScheduled’s geofencing technology can help with that.

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