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    Why Small Businesses Are Struggling to Hire New Employees in 2021


    If you’re struggling to find and retain employees ever since the pandemic, you’re not alone. There’s a reason why remote and gig-based work has become more popular recent, and that’s simply because people are more willing to do it.

    The economy seems to be bouncing back from a rough patch during the 2019 to 2020 pandemic, but there are still well over 10 million job openings available without any end in sight. Employers are having a tough time finding employees to fill roles regardless of the industry they operate in, or even how large of a business you happen to be.

    The Pandemic Changed Many Things About Running Your Business

    It’s always been “adapt or die” when it comes to running a company, and things are always going to be that way. Adapting to keep your customers happy throughout the pandemic is a must, but you must consider the happiness of your employees as well. As a gig-based contractor, you’re able to set your hours, work at your own pace, and approach projects as you feel fit – this isn’t possible (for the most part) in a traditional working environment.

    Companies are now trying to identify ways they can keep employee morale high, but there are seemingly many unanswered questions that lead to people avoiding “regular work” during the pandemic.

    Why It’s So Tough to Find Employees in 2021-22

    Less people are willing to work, but why is that? Some of the reasons may seem obvious, but that doesn’t mean that managers and business owners are always aware of how employees feel. If you’re a small business, this can be even harder to deal with, as you won’t have as much capital (or other benefits) to offer potential employees.

    Pandemic Pressure

    Employees aren’t as willing to look for jobs that have them coming into the office or working at a physical location. Remote work has become the norm ever since the pandemic, and people have realized have comfortable it can be (in the right situation). Of course, there are still people who prefer going into the office, although there’s no telling when that’s going to be a given once again.

    Lack of Proper Salary

    People realize that the cost of living is increasing year after year, and yet they aren’t being paid to meet those standards. The average person isn’t capable of living on their own with a minimum wage salary (according to recent studies), so why go through all of the stress that comes with work when they can sit at home and collect unemployment pay? Companies are being pressured to provide employees with better salaries and hourly rates, and it’s obvious that people aren’t backing down.

    Worker Burnout

    Being burnt out from working too hard is a common issue, especially if you’ve been working during the pandemic. Nobody will understand the pressure unless they’ve gone through it themselves, and even when there are bills to pay, sometimes it’s simply too much for one to handle.

    Is There Anything I Can Do As a Business Owner?

    Providing an optimal work environment that offers flexible schedules, potential remote work, and additional benefits will always help while recruiting for talent. Running a business isn’t supposed to be easy, and retaining top talent is tougher than ever in our current economy.

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