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Feb 2023

By Mike

Private Notes on Time Card

Private notes are now readable when reviewing and approving time cards. To learn more, read here.

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Congratulations to Canadian Tire Store #326 – Calgary and

Kathy M for posting a review and receiving her February invoice covered by us.

The Rising Importance of Niche Marketing in the Retail Sector

As the retail sector evolves, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for business owners to shift their focus toward niche marketing, with stiff competition among brick-and-mortar retailers and encroaching pressure from online giants, for businesses to stand out by carefully targeting messages that resonate with smaller, specific groups of consumers. By finding the right angle, crafting creative campaigns, and using all of the tools at their disposal, savvy retail marketers can maximize return on investment (ROI) while keeping their brand visible. This blog explores why retailers should start focusing on niche markets to remain ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving domestic and global marketplace.

How to allow remote employees to punch in via the punch clock app

If you have remote employees who punch in from various locations that are not at the same location each time, you can allow this by following these steps.

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