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    Updates to system

    by | Jan 21, 2020 | Absences, New Features, News, Updates

    Over the weekend we launched a few updates to the system
    • On the absence page when viewing the absence details we show WHO created the absence (in case it wasn’t the employee)
    • On the employee dashboard (the list of everyone working today), we’ve added the option to mark an employee sick as both PAID and UNPAID
    • Fixed an issue with the availability and absence report for employees – when looking at multiple views and adding information it would revert to the first month only. Now it remembers all the months you were viewing
    • When you EDIT an absence you can now edit the type (ex. if the manager picked SICK – UNPAID and it was meant to be PAID you can change it without needing to re-add it)
    • Fixed the order of columns in the EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT TIMESHEET report
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