Biometric & Windows 10

On Friday Microsoft released an update to Windows 10 – this update appears to conflict with the digital persona software (the software the biometric device uses). We are waiting on digital persona to advise on an update. In the meantime, do NOT install the...

Update to site

We just launched an update to the vital signs. Now you can edit last year for the same date, and a new format for the email that goes out.

Updates – March 27, 2018

Today we released several updates to TimeWellScheduled which include: For those of you using EasyPay for payroll there is a new employee import format. You can now take the employee export directly from EasyPay and import it into TimeWellScheduled. Where to find this...

Timecard Absence reasons

We’ve updated the selection of Absence reasons available in timecard. The timecard dropdown will reflect Absence reasons in : Manage My Business » Business Settings » Manage Absence Request Types