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    Optimize Time and attendance for retail using POS data


    Are you looking for ways to optimize your staff scheduling? If so, you’ll want to read on! Using point-of-sale (POS) data, you can determine the peak business days/times and adjust the staff schedule accordingly. Take it a step further and integrate TimeWellscheduled attendance solutions and optimize inventory management and customer retention at the same time! This will help ensure that you have the necessary coverage during busier times while avoiding overstaffing during slower periods. So if you’re ready to get the most out of your staff schedule, be sure to read on!

    In this blog, we discuss how to:

    • Use POS data to Determine peak business days and times
    • Forecast employee scheduling requirements with POS and Scheduling integration
    • Integrate your POS data with TimeWellScheduled.com to optimize employee scheduling and have all of your operational data in one place!

    Use POS data to Determine peak business days and times.

    POS Data is one of the most underutilized information resources available to small and medium-sized retail businesses! Most modern POS systems accumulate live data about customers through transactions and time. For instance, a POS terminal captures various data, including products sold, time of sale, location, payment method, and customer names (credit cards) from store open until store close. POS analysis identifies purchasing and performance data that correlate with sales, inventory, customers, employees, and marketing campaigns. Each of these influences expenses and profits.

    Note: many businesses make the natural connection between POS data and inventory management. However, the missed opportunity is that POS also records the date/time of a sale during operating hours.

    Forecast employee scheduling requirements with POS and Scheduling integration

    Automated POS data analytics allows a business to tailor its staffing plan to expected foot traffic. This includes the number of employees working and transactions during operating hours. Knowing this information avoids overspending on (employee hours) labor costs while concurrently reducing the number of dissatisfied customers.

    Analyzing data from an existing POS system allows businesses to forecast and anticipate peak business hours and business trends. Keeping this critical information and using it to make future judgments will improve store management, customer retention, increase sales and optimize staff scheduling.

    Key Benefits: Improved attendance tracking, optimized staffing costs, improved customer retention and higher profits!

    Integrate POS data with employee scheduling & attendance system

    Taking it to the next level with POS integration lets you transfer data between systems, such as your employee scheduling systems. This way, you can track employee attendance and manage staffing costs during peak hours. In addition, the system enables businesses to automate many store activities and processes.

    Key Benefits: sales, inventory, and employee management data all in one place optimizing all store management functions.

    Optimize peak business hours & Staff Scheduling

    It is essential to know the appropriate level of staff required to work at your store, staff shortages lead to customer dissatisfaction. With the right data, this becomes much easier. For example, most modern POS systems provide data and reports on retailers’ peak sales and busiest hours. This information can help you figure out how many employees to have working at your store at any given time.

    Key Benefit: attendance systems integrate to optimize time tracking and labor costs (for multiple locations).

    The benefits of POS and Time and Attendance Integration

    Integrating your POS system with other parts of your retail store can ensure employee management is operating as efficiently as possible. Integrating your time and attendance system with POS trends and historical data can help manage employee time and optimize labor hours.

    Integrating TimeWellScheduled time and attendance solution with your POS system will:

    • Eliminate Conflicts: Ensure your schedule runs smoother by viewing each employee’s availability and preferences as you build the schedule.
    • Chaos-Free Shift Changes: you can easily customize the schedule view to make the information you need easy to locate.
    • Save Time: Quickly see who’s working. The Dashboard gives you a snapshot of what’s happening with your schedule right now.
    • Repeat Your Success: When you need to fill an open shift fast, send out a shift alert via email or text message to all qualified and available staff.

    Benefits: More accurately track employee hours, payroll process, and other retail management functions all in one solution!

    Integrate POS & Employee Scheduling software

    By using POS data, business owners can optimize their staff scheduling to ensure they have the necessary coverage during busier times while avoiding overstaffing during slower periods. Have you used POS data to determine your peak business days and times? If not, be sure to give it a try at TimeWellScheduled, we’ll support you through the process.

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