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    Time and Attendance System Features – Scheduling Software Part II


    Employee time and attendance software allow for more effective workforce management. Time and attendance systems enable managers to know who is present or absent for their shifts and simplify collecting information for payroll and other purposes. If an employee is absent for a shift, time and attendance systems features let HR staff plan accordingly. Time and attendance management is an essential tool for any successful business.

    In the previous blog, we discussed some attendance management system features that are included in time and attendance software. In this article, we take a closer look at.

    What is Payroll Management?

    In brief, payroll management encompasses a business’s administration and implementation of the payroll function. For example, recording employee information and managing payments, tracking hours, managing leave, incentives, and deductions, among other payroll management responsibilities.

    TimeWellScheduled and Payroll Management Feature

    TimeWellScheduled’s payroll management system is designed to track employee hours, organize and manage employees’ pay, wage, and attendance data for each pay period. The system ensures accuracy, accountability, and legal compliance while concurrently simplifying the administrative process for hourly and salaried employees.

    • Fast and Simple Payroll: With a simple click and download, your data is out of our system and ready to be loaded into your payroll without the hassle of manually entering time cards.
    • Click, Print, and Export: With TimeWellScheduled, you have all the payroll information you need with just a few clicks. Print and download your payroll information to excel, then export it to your payroll system in minutes.
    • Integration: Now, you can integrate your TimeWellScheduled Time and Attendance system and payroll with a simple click. The products for which we support payroll integration are: EasyPay, Desjardins, Ceridian, Payworks, PayWeb, ADP, MYOB, Simply Accounting, PeachTree, QuickBooks, Nethris, Sage 50

    What is Geofencing

    Geofencing is a (virtual) perimeter for a specific geographic area. For instance, time and attendance software use geographic coordinates to locate a defined area that is trackable with a GPS-enabled device.

    In the context of staff management, geofencing is useful for tracking an employee’s physical location when they clock in for work. A time management system with geofencing capability aims to track employee attendance accurately and encourage accountability.

    TimeWellScheduled Geofencing Feature

    Geofencing is an attendance management system feature that restricts employees from punching at specific locations in real-time. This is done with GPS tracking technology integrated into the TimeWellScheduled app or browser.

    Remote Workers & Working from Home

    Several factors, including the COVID pandemic and the growing popularity of remote employment options, such as working from home, are changing how businesses operate. However, this does not mean your business has to change how employees clock in or track employee hours.

    The Benefits of Geofencing

    Geofencing allows your business to set up an employee’s home locations and will enable them to punch in and out from there (or a remote location).

    Geofencing ensures that employee time at home is as productive as when they are at the office. It is a time and attendance solution that encourages employee accountability and attendance tracking accuracy.

    What is an Employee HRIS/DataBase?

    An employee database’s purpose is to record current and past personnel records accurately. It can include contact information, job titles, payroll data, and other HR-related information. In addition, the database tracks employee performance, identifies potential training gaps, and manages other human resources functions. Some of these include: payroll processing, leave management, paid time off, employee schedules, attendance patterns, etc.

    TimeWellScheduled Employee HRIS/Database

    TimeWellScheduled allows you to keep a detailed employee database:

    • Employee Benefits: Employees have their own (employee self-service) portal to track their messages, check their schedule and ask for time off. No need for post-it notes stuck all over your desk! 
    • Employee Profiles: No more searching for archived folders as our software makes it easy to search for information on both current and active employees. 
    • Each Employee Is Different: With over 30 different settings, you can configure each employee to have unique access and visibility within the backend. From Administrators to managers to employees, you set them up the way YOU need them to be. 
    • Reduced Administration: With TimeWellScheduled, you can assign responsibilities to your managers to manage schedules and approve time cards. 
    • Notes & Files: You can keep notes and files about your employee right in their profile. Quickly find and make them accessible to other team members. (No duplicate data entry) 

    To reiterate: one of the main benefits of TimeWellScheduled’s scheduling software is the  The Human Resource Information System  (HRIS) feature. This important feature is used to store data regarding the organization’s employees, such as personal details including their name, address, age, salary, benefits, time and attendance, performance reviews, etc. This data supports data-driven decision-making.

    Use Templates: Why Make the Same Schedule Twice!

    Scheduling Templates are predefined weekly schedules that saves you the time from having to add a shift each day. Schedule templates allow you to build daily or weekly schedules that can be reused.

    If your schedules are similar from day to day or week to week, a template can save time and avoid creating schedules from scratch. TimeWellScheduled template feature allows you to use an existing schedule or if necessary, create a new one to use as a template.

    • Simplify the scheduling process and reduce scheduling issues, (ie: conflicts, overscheduling, under scheduling and time-off bidding)
    • TimeWellScheduled templates make building your schedules easier and faster.
    • Spend your valuable time on more important things.
    • Reduced administrative errors and increase scheduling errors

    Quickly create and edit your scheduling needs with ease and visual clarity. TimeWellScheduled lets you easily create schedules with time bands, templates and copying past schedules. Share these schedules with your employees and let them offer shifts or trade them with fellow employees. We give your employees a sense of control, helping to alleviate the stress in finding people to cover shifts.

    Note: Access scheduling templates from a phone, desktop or other devices. These are important time and attendance solutions.


    You can now pick default shift premiums to be applied to the timeband.


    You can now pick default shift premiums, add comments and override default meal or break PER DAY.

    If you pick a template and have any override values, they will now show the details (see Monday):

    Time and attendance software is an essential tool for workforce management. It allows managers to know who is present or absent for their shifts, simplifies the collection of information for payroll and other purposes, and helps ensure compliance with labor laws.

    In addition, time and attendance systems can be enhanced with geofencing and an accurate and user-friendly employee HRIS/database. Lastly, use scheduling templates to make scheduling faster and with fewer errors. If you are looking for a time and attendance system to meet your needs, we encourage you to contact us today.

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