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    How to Improve Workforce Management Capabilities


    “Time Well Scheduled has been an excellent tool for our scheduling and HR purposes. It’s easy to use, and the support team is always responsive. They have also been open to building the infrastructure we need for our reporting purposes.” – Jon W. – Manager, Home Hardware

    Managing a dynamic workforce that balances customer service with profitability is a perpetual challenge for retail businesses. Juggling staffing demands, employee availability, and compliance requirements can be overwhelming. In addition, manual processes can be inefficient and fail to provide insight into developing workforce trends. However, implementing cloud-based scheduling software, such as TimeWellScheduled, can increase organizational agility and efficiency in workforce management while ensuring reliable employee-customer coverage. This blog discusses how cloud-based scheduling software streamlines payroll admin, optimizes workforce management, reduces costs and saves managerial time.

    Workforce Management in a Nutshell

    Workforce management is the strategic process of efficiently and effectively overseeing an organization’s workforce. It includes activities like planning, staffing, scheduling, tracking attendance, managing performance, and developing employees. It is vital because it ensures that the right number of skilled employees are available when and where they are needed, leading to increased productivity, cost reduction, higher employee satisfaction, informed decision-making, and adaptability to market changes. Effective workforce management is crucial for achieving operational excellence and staying competitive in today’s business landscape.

    Time & Attendance Tracking

    Time and attendance mean tracking and recording employees’ work hours, including start and end times and break times. It is an essential aspect of workforce management that enables businesses to accurately determine payroll, forecast demand, and identify staffing issues. Time and attendance systems can range from traditional time clocks to cloud-based software or websites that allow employees to clock in and out remotely.TimeWellScheduled’s Cloud-based scheduling software:

    • Allows staff to clock in and out, review benefits information, and submit time-off requests through a website or mobile app.
    • Provides managers and HR leaders with real-time visibility of employee schedules and attendance records.
    • Enables accurate tracking of individual employee and team productivity.
    • Automates payroll processes and reduce administrative workload
    • Encourages employee accountability and reduces instances of buddy punching or missed punches.

    Labor Forecasting

    Labor forecasting is how businesses anticipate and plan future staffing needs. It involves predicting how many work hours will be required to meet customer demand while avoiding understaffing and overstaffing. By accurately forecasting labor needs, businesses can improve customer service, prevent employee burnout and turnover, and allow managers to focus on long-term priorities. TimeWellScheduled’s scheduling systems help retail management:

    • Track and analyzing historical sales data enables them to forecast future labor needs accurately.
    • Generate schedules based on predicted customer demand, reducing the risk of understaffing or overstaffing and optimizing workforce utilization.
    • Enable retail decision-makers to make real-time adjustments to schedules, ensuring that the right number of employees are in the right place at the right time to meet customer demand.

    Payroll Administration & Integration

    Payroll administration and integration is the process of connecting and synchronizing payroll software with other tools and software used by businesses. For example, TimeWellScheduled can integrate with various payroll, accounting, and HRIS applications to automate data exchange and reduce manual work involved in payroll processing. This integration improves efficiency, accuracy, and compliance with state and federal laws. The cloud-based scheduling system:

    • Integrates TimeWellScheduled’s scheduling software with popular payroll software to enhance payroll processes. (Click here to view compatible payroll systems)
    • Eliminates manual data entry and verification through the payroll integration feature; the result is an efficient, streamlined process.
    • Generates a payroll report with a single click, export it in the appropriate format, and process it through the bank, streamlining and accelerating the payroll process. 

    “I love Timewell! I’ve been using it for several years now and I can’t imagine doing payroll without it. It’s easy, efficient, compatible with many payroll programs. They’re customer service provides a quick response time. And the best part – is the labour cost savings. Thank you Mark.” – Joanne F. New York Fries

    Employer-Employee Communication

    Employer-Employee Communication

    Organizational employer-employee communication is the exchange of information, ideas, and feedback between managers and employees. Communication is the foundation of a positive work environment. Good communication improves productivity, reduces social barriers, builds organizational synergy and enhances employee engagement.

    Effective communication allows employers to convey expectations, provide feedback, and share important updates, while employees can express their concerns, share ideas, and feel valued and heard. Strong employer-employee communication builds trust, strengthens relationships, reduces conflicts, and creates a sense of unity, contributing to the organization’s success. TimeWellScheduled encourages managers and employees to

    • Utilize the TimeWellScheduled app and employee portal for seamless communication. (App is available via Google Play or App Store)
    • Leverage the software features such as notifications, email alerts, and real-time updates to keep employees informed.
    • Encourage two-way interaction by allowing employees to provide feedback, express concerns, and make requests.
    • Foster a culture of effective communication by actively engaging with employees and addressing their concerns. 

    Scheduling Templates & Timebands

    Employee scheduling templates are pre-designed shift layouts that help businesses create work schedules for their employees. They are valuable because they save managerial time, minimize errors, ensure adequate shift coverage, boost productivity, and offer employees clear communication and transparency about work hours. By utilizing employee scheduling templates, businesses can optimize labor, cut costs, enhance efficiency and employee satisfaction. TimeWellScheduled’s template feature:

    • Creates consistent schedules that improve attendance, reduce confusion, and maximize productivity
    • Customizes schedules to meet the needs of different departments, positions, and shifts
    • Provides a fair and transparent system for scheduling shifts
    • Makes templates accessible at any location, allowing businesses with multiple branches to share and streamline staff scheduling 

    Shift Planning

    The Shift planning process strategically assigning employees to specific shifts based on factors such as customer demand, availability, and required skills. It is essential because it helps businesses optimize labor resources, control costs, and maintain productivity. Well-planned shifts ensure adequate staffing during busy times, minimize overstaffing during slower periods, prevent scheduling conflicts, and provide employees with a fair and predictable work schedule. Effective shift planning enhances efficiency, boosts employee satisfaction, and improves workflow. TimeWellScheduled’s scheduling system:

    • Provides managers with valuable (historical) data, enabling decision-makers to make informed decisions.
    • Allows managers to adjust shifts, enabling them to adapt to changing demands or circumstances while maintaining optimal staffing levels.
    • Ensures optimal shift assignments based on employee availability, skills, and business requirements.
    • Provides features that managers and employees can access to make shift swaps, time-off requests, and schedule updates. 

    Skills & Training Management

    Skills management is the process of understanding and developing employees’ talents and abilities within a company. It involves assessing their current skills, identifying gaps, and implementing strategies to enhance their skills. Moreover, skills management aligns workforce management goals with organizational goals. Furthermore, it improves employee satisfaction, supports career growth, and enables informed decisions during recruitment campaigns. TimeWellScheduled stores employee information and work history to 

    • Assist employers in understanding the strengths and expertise of their workforce, enabling optimal task assignment and team building.
    • Allow employers to identify skill gaps and offer targeted training to enhance employees’ capabilities.
    • Support succession planning and talent acquisition, ensuring the organization possesses the necessary skills for future growth and success. 

    “For an organization such as ours that has non-standard scheduling and payroll requirements, TimeWellScheduled has been a tremendous product. The product is stable and we have never experienced any down time. Knowing that technical support is only an email or phone call away and knowing that we will get a quick response are very important features that have eased a lot of anxiety and increased our comfort level with the product. We would recommend TWS to any organization.” – Reg W. Oakville Children’s Homes

    Retail businesses require agility, efficiency, and solid workforce management capabilities to keep up with customer demand and labor management trends. Cloud-based scheduling software offers these essential tools & capacities. As mentioned herein, TimeWellScheduled, streamlines HR processes, optimizes workforce management, and increases employee satisfaction while prioritizing customer service. The retail industry is ever-changing, but cloud-based scheduling software prepares businesses for unforeseen circumstances and keeps them ahead of the competition.

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