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    It’s Time to Get A Human Resource Information System (HRIS)


    “TimeWellScheduled (Software) has been an excellent tool for our scheduling and HR purposes. It’s easy to use, and the support team is always responsive. They have also been open to building the infrastructure we need for our reporting purposes.” – Jon Wilcox, Manager, Home Hardware.

    There’s no getting around it – as a business owner or manager, you need to invest in a human resource information system (HRIS). Sure, you could manage your HR processes manually, but that’s not practical in the long run. Not only is an HRIS going to make your life easier, but it’s also going to improve the efficiency and efficacy of your staff management processes. So what are you waiting for?

    What is a Human Resources Information System (HRIS)?

    A Human Resource Information System (HRIS) stores all your employees information in one place, giving it a single source of accurate HR data. This helps businesses in a few ways. For instance, it keeps your organization in compliance with state and federal laws that require you to maintain certain documents for the entire staff. It allows managers to generate employee reports that help make informed staffing decisions about recruitment, scheduling, vacation approvals, wage increases etc. In addition, it streamlines your HR management so that you spend less time and money on paper work and administrative tasks.

    Why is an HRIS important?

    HRIS assists employers in meeting legal obligations and helps managers understand their employees’ backgrounds, skill sets, and general capabilities. HRIS generally includes: work schedules, employee availability, wages, demographics, and other critical HR information. However, if this information is inaccurate, companies are not in compliance with Federal and State regulations, which can lead to unnecessary fines and legal repercussions.

    “The most impactful tools are those which save time, drive efficiency, and maximize productivity for the employee and the organization overall… In today’s context, this means cloud-based, self-service platforms that allow the employee to access, monitor, and update data quickly and easily, including app-based access.” – Stephen Kohler.

    A good HRIS provides easily accessible data to generate employee reports and guide decision-making. Access to information about employees, past, and present, allows managers to analyze turnover, absenteeism, productivity, labor expenses, and other metrics vital to running a business smoothly and successfully.

    The Benefits of TimeWellScheduled’s Employee Information System

    TimeWellScheduled cloud based time & attendance solution includes an employee information management component; This feature is designed to increase organizational productivity in several ways. For instance, it reduces the administrative burden of organizing and managing employee data; it facilitates efficient scheduling and it allows managers to focus on higher level responsibilities such as, improving operations and supporting employees.

    “TimeWellScheduled is very easy to use and well worth the low cost for the time it saves me. I can get in (to the system) quickly, do what I need to do quickly, and get off so that I have lots of time to attend to my clients.” – Colin R. Manager, Information Services.

    Most companies will agree that an HRIS can help streamline operations, improve service to employees and, ultimately, improve the employee experience. Plus most will also agree that  managing personnel data is a critical task that requires time and can take away from managers’ productivity. A sound employee information system, such as TimeWellscheduled’s cloud-based solution, solves data management issues while providing several benefits; they include:


    • Record-Management: An HRIS is a record-keeping system that organizes and tracks current information as well as any changes to employee status or circumstances. For example, employee availability, contact information, attendance, wages, benefits, performance reviews, qualifications, and years of service, to name a few. The HRIS is a single source of accurate and reliable personnel data.
    • Legal Compliance: Businesses collect and store employee data for government or industry-mandated compliance reasons. For instance, social insurance numbers and personal information are required for tax reasons. Also, companies are required to track the expiration dates for certifications or licenses.
    • Centralized Database: Having employee profile information stored in one place saves time and reduces errors. Older systems require data to be transferred between multiple software systems or even paper files. This increases the possibility of human error. Moreover, using a single system eliminates this problem. As more business functions become automated, less manual entry is required, leading to increased accuracy.
    • HR Planning: Employee information systems permit the tracking of data necessary to improve HR planning and business strategy. Depending on the organization’s priorities, different data will be essential to track; this is where the HRIS can add measurable value to an organization.
    • Employee Self-Service: TimeWellscheduled’s employee portal and app allow employees to access the system. This enables employees to play a role in managing their schedules, tracking their hours, and arranging time off or leave. This function increases employee job satisfaction, organizational transparency, and morale.
    • Performance management: Performance management is a key part of managing people. Performance reviews are conducted once or multiple times a year by direct supervisors or peers of the employee.
    • Employer-Employee Communication: TimeWellScheduled takes HRIS one step further by adding the communication benefit. Our solution improves workplace communication between managers and employees by providing two essential tools, the online portal and the TWS app, (available in the google play store and the iPhone app store). It is pretty simple; each employee has access to their own employee portal. Employees can track, send and receive messages and information through the portal, in addition to checking their schedule, picking up open shifts, or requesting time off. 

    TWS communication methods/tools provide four essential benefits that improve communication:

    • Send and receive comprehensive communication (including attachments)
    • Provides user-friendly and convenient access
    • Enhances employee engagement & synergy
    • Respond to messages in real-time
    • Allows for individual or team communication


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    TimeWellScheduled’s systems integrate employee information with scheduling and payroll information to improve accuracy, reduce errors and assist in managing various HR, operational, and accounting processes. It’s a simple concept with the potential to make an enormous impact on your business!

    TimeWellScheduled has also  helped to improve large, medium, and small businesses by streamlining human resources administration, employee management, scheduling, payroll, and inter-organizational communication!

    TimeWellScheduled’s Value Proposition to Customers 

    “TimeWellScheduled is a complete scheduling solution you can rely on year-round to optimize staff hours, communicate shift times, and manage staff information & payroll all in one user-friendly, cost-effect, cloud-based system!” – Mark Kemp.

    A human resource information system (HRIS) is a critical business tool. By automating HR processes and providing real-time information, HRIS systems make managers more efficient and productive. Additionally, accurate data tracking allows businesses to make better decisions that improve employee management and business operations. If you want to improve your HR department, consider implementing TimeWellScheudled’s cloud-based Time & Attendance solution!

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