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    Let’s Optimize your Schedule of Availability


    At TimeWellScheduled.com, the thing we do best is, automate and optimize your businesses’ scheduling process. Take for example, a schedule of employee availability. It’s an essential document that shows when your employees are available to work. This document is often used in retail businesses with shift schedules, as it enables management to see which team members are willing and able to work and when. The schedule of availability can also be used to plan staff vacation time, leave and other time off requests. Read more to find out how our software can save you time, money and stress!

    Three critical functions of the Schedule of Employee Availability

    1) Identify who is available to work

    A schedule of employee availability form or, availability calendar is an important document that shows when an employee can work. It is used to schedule shifts and determine coverage to meet business needs. For this reason, the availability schedule should be updated regularly to ensure that it is accurate. Time consuming if you do it manually!

    2) Manage Shifts in Real-Time

    The schedule of employee availability is also used by businesses to control and manage shift coverage in real-time. This is important information, for example, if someone is absent (today), or there is a sudden fluctuation in business, managers will want a list of available employees to call in, or in some cases know who they should send home. It can be guess work without employee names and scheduling information to draw upon!

    3) Manage leave, vacation, or other time-off requests

    The employee availability form can also be used to plan out vacation time, leave, and other time off requests for employees. This way, everyone knows when they are available and when they are not. This can help to avoid any conflicts or confusion.

    At TimeWellScheduled, we optimize these scheduling functions:

    1) Building the Schedule with confidence

    At TimeWellScheduled.com, we simplify the scheduling process by allowing you to view each employee’s availability and scheduling preferences as you build your staff schedule. In addition, the scheduling process is automated. Automation reduces errors, improves employee satisfaction with their schedules, ensures business needs are met, and there are no scheduling conflicts!

    2) Check your Dashboard for Real-time Schedule Control

    With TimeWellScheduled.com, you will have real-time insights into who is currently working, which departments are covered, or who may be absent:

    • You can easily customize the view to ensure that the information you require is easy to find.
    • Quickly see who is working. The dashboard gives you a snapshot of what is happening with your schedule in real-time. (simplified labor scheduling template!)
    • Send out a shift alert through email and text message to all qualified and available employees when you need to fill an open shift quickly.

    3) Notifications, Who is or is not at work?

    TimeWellschedules.com software supports tracking attendance and absences. Employees may request time off through their portal, which notifies their managers. Managers approve or deny requests to keep track of who is unavailable. All requests appear on the scheduling screen to ensure that nothing is overlooked. And don’t forget geofencing, and know who is presently in the building! No need for paper employee availability forms, or post-it notes!

    Additional Benefits of using TimeWellScheduled.com

    Save Valuable Time

    Our Scheduling software automates the scheduling process by creating and managing employee schedules. This can save managers a lot of time, as they no longer have to build and adjust schedules manually.

    Automated time off and leave requests.

    Our Scheduling software ensures you stay compliant with local laws when managing employee leave and time off requests. Further, it helps ensure that employees are not taking too much time off and that they are following the company’s policies for requesting time off.

    Fewer scheduling conflicts.

    Our Scheduling software can automatically assign shifts and optimize schedules to minimize the chances of conflicts occurring. Additionally, scheduling software can track coverage so that managers are aware of which employees are available to work at any given time.

    Reduced labor costs.

    Our Scheduling software improves employee time tracking, employee attendance, punctuality, and reduces time theft. In short, optimized scheduling reduces labor costs by automating the process of creating and managing employee schedules.

    Improved communication.

    Our Scheduling software can improve communication directly and indirectly. First, scheduling software can help to prevent scheduling conflicts from occurring, which can minimize the need for employees to communicate about their availability. In addition, the portal and app access allow employees to communicate directly with managers and team members preventing confusions, misunderstandings. or the need for an employee availability sheet.

    At TimeWellScheduled.com, We know that managing the staff’s schedule is a critical business function! At TimeWellscheduled.com, we make it easy for you to manage your scheduling and find the best employees for each shift. With our intuitive platform, you can view each employee’s availability and preferences as you build the schedule. You can also quickly see who is working and send out a shift alert to fill an open shift fast. Sign up today for a free trial and see how easy it is to get your schedule under control!

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