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Small Businesses Tips: Save Time & Money by Reducing Repetitive Tasks


“TimeWellScheduled is very easy to use and well worth the low cost for the time it saves me. I can get in (to the system) quickly, do what I need to do quickly, and get off so that I have lots of time to attend to my clients.” – Colin R. Manager, Information Services.

Aren’t there enough things to worry about in running a business? You shouldn’t have to spend your time on repetitive administrative tasks that can easily be automated and optimized. In this blog post, we’ll share tips on how to save time and money by reducing the mundane administrative tasks you get stuck with. Stay tuned for helpful ideas on streamlining your workflow! 

The following are three administrative tasks that TimeWellScheduled can help you save time and money with: 

  • Payroll Processing
  • HR Information Collection and data entry
  • Employee Scheduling 

Payroll Does Not Have to be Time-Consuming? 

 “Four hours of payroll every week has turned into 15 minutes… which means I was spending 16 hours a month running payroll before I started. Now it’s an hour.” – Chris Langford.

In 2022, 25% of small-to-medium-sized businesses still use pen and paper for payroll processing. Additionally, a recent study by the American Payroll Association has found that 30% of companies use a payroll system that is ten years old or older.

A 2021 HR Trends survey study examined the top five payroll administrative issues small businesses deal with. The report concluded the following in order of difficulty:

    1. Keeping up with federal, state, and local compliance recordkeeping (59%)
    2. Manual data processing (55%)
    3. Payroll tax compliance (51%)
    4. Data security and payroll fraud prevention (35%)
    5. Paying independent contractors and gig workers (30%)

Payroll is a complex process for small and medium-sized businesses. Owners and managers are forced to calculate and collect federal, state, and local tax deductions; that is just the first part. On top of that, each employee has individual compensation requirements such as benefits, retirement contributions, leave, and overtime, to mention a few. In addition, payroll is due weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, placing consistent demands on a company’s management and administrative team. 

Here are common payroll issues employers regularly face:

  • Maintaining accurate employee payroll records
  • Processing inaccurate information.
  • Processing payments late.
  • Misclassifying employees.
  • Integrating current tax tables.

TimeWellScheduled provides your business with all the necessary payroll tools and information to ensure payroll is compliant, accurate, and timely. The process can be as simple as downloading your payroll information o nto an excel spreadsheet and exporting it to your payroll system in minutes.

Payroll Accuracy is Multidimensional Challenge

Payroll accuracy is a multidimensional challenge linked to employee punching in late or too early, time theft, attendance, human error, and other issues. Even so, TimeWellScheduled can save you thousands of dollars annually if you  account for the financial impact of three factors: 1) time theft; 2) time spent on manual calculation; and 3) human error; which are common occurrences.

Take a company that employs 25 individuals, for example. Imagine these employees are paid an average wage of $10 per hour. Our experience has demonstrated that businesses that use TimeWellScheduled’s scheduling solution can save over $24,000 a year based on only these common factors. 

TimeWellscheduled keeps employee information in one place:

  • Simplify employee time tracking, availability management, and schedule planning
  • Reduce the number of hours spent processing time and attendance for your company.
  • Empower your managers with informed real-time decision-making capabilities, so you can easily convert data into valuable and actionable information. 

Payroll Integration

It is also important to note that TimeWellScheduled’s time and attendance system supports payroll integration with the following providers:

EasyPay,  Desjardins,  Ceridian,  Payworks,  PayWeb,  ADP,  MYOB,  Simply Accounting,  PeachTree,  QuickBooks,  Nethris, Sage 50

Human Resources Information Collection and Data Entry

HR information enables managers to make evidence-based decisions that improve staff management and employee performance. Employee data shape HR policies and processes and is directly related to payroll, health & safety, training and development, employee retention, satisfaction, and business performance.

Most organizations use HR data to improve operations and decision-making. One example is using the information to estimate the financial return on investment (ROI) for business process improvement, incentive programs, recruitment strategies, and organizational change initiatives. In short, this information is hard to collect, meaningfully organized, kept up to date, and accessible to leadership.

The following are some of the challenges businesses confront with HR data collection and data entry:

  • Expensive and time-consuming
  • Creates employee disengagement
  • Creates unnecessary financial costs
  • Errors lead to compliance audits

TimeWellScheduled Employee Information Reports 

“TimeWellScheduled (Software) has been an excellent tool for our scheduling and HR purposes. It’s easy to use, and the support team is always responsive. They have also been open to building the infrastructure we need for our reporting purposes.” – Jon Wilcox, Manager, Home Hardware.

TimeWellScheduled cloud-based time and attendance solution include an employee information management component; This feature is designed to increase organizational productivity in several ways. For instance, it reduces the administrative burden of collecting, organizing, and managing employee data. Moreover, it facilitates efficient scheduling and allows managers to focus on critical duties such as operations management, supporting employees, and improving customer experience.

Many companies understand that HR data helps streamline business processes, improve service, and improve the employee experience. Additionally, most business owners and leaders agree that managing personnel data is a critical task that requires time and can take away from managers’ productivity.

Thus, a sound employee information system, such as TimeWellscheduled’s cloud-based solution, solves data management issues while providing several of the following positive benefits:

  • Improves employee record-management
  • Better legal compliance:
  • Facilitates HR management and decision
  • Reduces Payroll errors
  • Improves employee engagement and satisfaction

TimeWellScheduled Optimizes Employee Scheduling

In many retail operations manual scheduling systems often result in over- or understaffed shifts. The labor costs are challenging to forecast, with staff having to work extra hours or employees being assigned to shifts without actual business necessity.

Manual scheduling systems are often simple to use. Even so, in many cases, older software solutions were solely designed for shift scheduling. However, retail scheduling is dynamic and requires the flexibility necessary to deal with business fluctuations, employee needs, and payroll. Older systems were designed to calculate and print but not adapt to changing circumstances.

Manual scheduling makes it difficult to keep accurate records of employee attendance and is time-consuming for managers. Plus, these scheduling practices add to labor costs and are unreliable, which can hurt employee morale and even lead to voluntary turnover.

Replicate Success with Scheduling Templates

Employee scheduling templates are a calendar for a specific period with employee names and shift times. Retail Managers regularly use scheduling templates to assign hours to employees and provide a reliable reference for shift times.

TimeWellScheduled’s templates allow managers to take successful schedules (daily, weekly, etc.) and save them for reuse in the future. These templates work particularly well for businesses where shift patterns are similar week-to-week. Plus, there are several benefits to using Scheduling templates:

  • Help plan and control costs
  • Ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Improve and refine over time
  • Assist in preparing for unexpected problems
  • Allow for the tracking of performance

Note: schedule templates reduce the time required to create consistently reliable work schedules and eliminate the need for manual input of employee schedules.

“TimeWellScheduled is a complete scheduling solution you can rely on year-round to optimize staff hours, communicate shift times, and manage staff information & payroll all in one user-friendly, cost-effect, cloud-based system!” – Mark Kemp, CEO TimeWellScheduled

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from automating time-consuming administrative tasks that are important but repetitive and do not add value directly to the customer or employee experience. TimeWellScheduled offers solutions to reduce your time on payroll processing, HR information collection and data entry, and employee scheduling.

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